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Broken pipes the source of water damage

6 October

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The detrimental effects of water erosion can occur on a much smaller scale in your own front yard from cracked or broken pipes. The water leaking underground from these faulty pipes can undermine the stability of your garden beds and lawn and in some cases cause movement in structures such as fencing, sheds or retaining walls.
Unfortunately, homeowners are often not aware of these leaks until the damage has already occurred. Thankfully there are some telltale signs you can look out for that could indicate your pipes are damaged.
• turn all the taps off inside and outside your home, including the dishwasher and hot water system, then check the mains water meter. If the meter is still ticking over recording water flow into your home you could have a leak in a mains water pipe. You will need to call in a plumber to find and fix the pressurized pipe leak.
• depressions appear in the lawn, sometimes with water pooling
• you notice damp patches around the yard during periods without rain
• cracked cement pathways or warped paving
• bad odors emitting from the drains around your home
If you note any of the effects in the above points happening around the home, prompt action is needed to prevent further damage occurring.
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